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Fascinating concepts that have been successfully combined in IT for 20 years.

We translate our passion for technological sophistication into tailor-made IT solutions. We are operational throughout the region. We leave nothing to chance.

What makes us different from many

Unique specialties in ensuring maximum productivity & protection

We are MSP

Managed Service Provider. We manage a wide range of IT services that cover all the needs of most businesses, regardless its size. We fill in the gaps in IT provision.

We are MSSP

Managed Security Service Provider. We manage proactive security mechanisms that protect entire IT systems / enterprises and your employees.

Formal knowledge

We’re engineers, formally trained in computer science and information technology. We are scholarship-holders of the new generation of FRI professionals.

Cert knowledge

We are regularly checked by our vendors. Our skills are up-to-date with the latest in development and solutions we represent. We have all the needed know-how you might need.

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number of end-users served
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companies saved after an absolute malware breach

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Areas of activity

IT networks, data communications, servers, cloud-hybrid solutions & development
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We're involved in the design and development of specific solutions such as Dealership Management System systems for the automotive industry.


IT systems

We design complete IT systems and completely re-design the architecture and design of an existing IT (sub)systems.


Cyber Security

We are highly specialised in maintaining data integrity and minimising production downtimes in the event of security incidents.


Software solutions

Putting web applications and various integrations of apps into work processes. We assist in the development and finishing of existing apps.


IT Management

We're filling the gaps in the integrity of IT governance. As an external partner, we take on the burden of secondary IT solutions and services.

Our approach

It's unique, just like your business

About us

Our story dates back to a time when the internet was measured in kilobits and computers were on the march into all kinds of business and consumer electronics. Mobile phones didn’t yet have a mind of their own and Google didn’t yet have a verb of its own.

The first truly dedicated computers were also starting to appear in the automotive industry. As an open-minded young upstart, the current CEO, Juka Jurinič, left the shackles of his then company, where he was trained as an after-sales engineer in the field of ISS – industrial standard servers and as a consultant for corporate solutions to rationalise operating costs.

He found new challenges in the automotive market, where he had the opportunity to combine his passions from different technological fields. This led him to create unique, niche skills. This knowledge became the basis for new operational processes and a reliable indicator of the future of the business and its sustainability.